Маскувальна сітка

Маскувальна сітка для Армії руками волонтерів

у нас весна, отож знову в моді кольори хакі і тьмяної зелені..
і ніякого фіолетового)

приклади робіт..

We continue with our daily one-minute episodes of 'Good News from Kyiv' with image+video+sound+text. Play them in HD and don't forget to turn your speakers on! This time we publish a project of one of our first year students:LING LIN"This is not about politics. It is a story about unconditional support and altruistic willingness to give from one to another. During times of crisis and war, home front volunteers in Kyiv are doing anything they can to help their soldiers fighting in the frontline. From preparing food, making camouflage nets, creating drawings, arranging supply logistics to engineering military intelligence devices, people dropped their jobs and businesses to help – with a positive attitude and by means they can."

Posted by Good News from Kyiv on 31 Март 2015 г.

Батальйон “Сітка”. Київ

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